John Perkins Zeitgeist Interview

John Perkins Interview from MrXfromPlanetX on Vimeo.


This is a video clip of the John Perkins Interview from Zeitgeist Addendum from People may wonder if what John Perkins has to say is true. John Perkins is the author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”I know people have been offended by Zeitgeist because it’s critical of religion. For this reason I am asking people to analyze the film in sections. Do some research before you dismiss what John Perkins has to say.

I would like to point people to these references to study.

John Pilger’s The New Rulers of The World takes a look at the IMF, the World Bank and their manipulation of Indonesia

Bill Moyers’ 1987 PBS documentary Secret Government: Constitution in Crisis takes a look at the history of the CIA and US foreign intervention

John Pilger’s The War On Democracy examines US foreign intervention in Latin America.

These very credible documentaries backup everything John Perkins has to say.

Google Mexico IMF and World Bank.  Pay special attention to the press releases.  See what you come up with. Closing the World Bank and the IMF may be the real way to end illegal immigration in the United States.

Forcing the World Bank and the IMF to forgive all debts may be the real way to end global poverty. They need to be closed down before they can hurt anyone else.

If you have seen the film Zeitgeist, but you don’t buy into what they have to say about the Federal Reserve, check out This site contains a collection of documentaries on the Federal Reserve Bank and how money is created out of debt. These videos come from a variety of sources so you can get different perspectives on the issue.


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