The War on Democracy

John Pilger‘s documentary The War on Democracy is a fascinating film thatJohn Pilger looks at U.S. foreign policy in Latin America. This is important to keep in mind when it comes to the U.S. bringing democracy to Iraq.

John Pilger‘s The War On Democracy examines:

  • Torture techniques used in Latin American Coups taught at the School of the Americas.
  • 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez backed by rich and powerful interests under U.S. support, but Chavez was brought back to power by hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan people marching in their streets demanding his return.
  • The 1973 coup that took out democratically elected Salvador Allende and put Augusto Pinochet into power. Milton Friedman’s economic techniques were used to establish an economy with a great disparity between the rich and the poor. This can be verified by viewing a chart of the Gini Coefficient (a.k.a Gini Index).
  • Victor Jara was murdered by the Pinochet coup.
  • Former CIA agent and Watergate scandal conspirator Howard Hunt, and Duane Clarridge, former head of CIA operations in South America.
  • Dianna Ortiz is a U.SRoman Catholic nun of the Ursuline order. She is a native of the state of New Mexico in the United States. While serving as a missionary in Guatemala in 1989, she was abducted by right-wing forces and brutally tortured. Among other torments she was gang-raped and suffered over 100 cigarette burns
  • The 1954 coup in Guatemala to over throw Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. Arbenz nationalized the land in the country and gave it to the poor. Much of the land was held by the United Fruit Company (now known as Chiquita Brands.
  • On the brighter side — over the last five years Bolivia has been able to refuse multinational companies access their country’s natural reserves of gas, and water rights. Prior to Bolivia’s activist movement their natural resources where asset stripped by multinational interests

You can order a copy of The War on Democracy from Bullfrog Films for $39, specifically for the purpose of doing public screenings.

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